Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Product Overview

Black Soldier Fly Larvae is the worlds #1 sustainable protein source for feeding animals.  Chickens, Ducks, Birds, Hamsters, and Reptiles all love our bugs! Tend makes the perfect balance of essential amino acids, fatty acids and minerals

Packed full of essential proteins and lipids.

Contains 60X-70X more calcium than dried mealworms

Natural & Nutritious Feed Supplement for laying hens

Increase the molting process Increases eggshell strength and naturally boosts your flocks immune system

Our Dried Larvae are fresh, dried and crispy, processed through a microwave vacuum dryer to retain a superior flavor, aroma and nutrients

The presence of antimicrobial agents (e.g. chitin, lauric acid) in insects has been efficient against pathogens, confirming their high potential to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal farming.


Long shelf life 

Non-GMO, additive-free and preservative-free

Environmentally Friendly & Affordable food source.



Products designed to help agricultural efforts flourish using regionally sourced components to prioritize the health and well-being of local ecosystems.